Excursion to the monastery Andechs and its brewery


The Andechs monastery is a historically famous place in Europe. You have the attitude to the Catholic faith or You are a connoisseur of beer, don’t You? You enjoy history, art, music? Or You are just a fan of adventurous journeys? — This small town of Andechs, which is located in thirty kilometers from the capital of Bavaria, on the Eastern shore of the picturesque lake Ammersee, will interest You exactly.

Excursion to the art gallery Alte Pinakothek

Hans Mielich (Muelich)

The Alte Pinakothek is one of the great sights of Munich. Its mysterious history lures to look into the wonderful world of art of the middle ages. The very name “Pinacoteca” originates in ancient Greece. It was the name of the room in the Acropolis of Athens, where the pictures offering to the goddess Athena were kept. Stepping through the pages of time, Ancient Rome, the Renaissance period, it reached us, perfecting and exalting its value.

Excursion to the Deutsche Polytechnical Museum

Deutsche Museum

The world’s largest Museum of technology and natural sciences, Munich Polytechnic Museum holds 29 thousand unique Museum exhibits dedicated to various types of technology and also the development of such Sciences as physics, chemistry and astronomy. Here we can see exhibits from the history of the aircraft, shipbuilding and even the exposition of musical instruments — all this pleases the eyes of visitors of the Museum and provides an opportunity to learn many new and interesting things. In the Museum, as if in a magical land, everything is beautiful and unusual.

Excursion to Nymphenburg Palace — the summer residence of the Wittelsbach (Munich)

Nymphenburg Palace

Time is irreversible and fleeting. Monotonically moving by rhythmic steps through endless pages of genesis, it leaves only certain moments from the past. And then through the present, based on facts ,it leaves a trace in the inevitable future. Such a way selected, talented and famous people leave a part of their life, wealth and fame in centuries. Nymphenburg Palace is one of the most charming places to visit in Munich.

Tour to the BMW Museum in Munich

BMW Museum in Munich

Among the buildings of the Gothic style, in the heart of Munich, the Bavarian capital, there is one of the most famous museums in the world — the BMW Museum. It is a part of a large complex, consisting of the factory that produces cars of the BMW brand, the headquarters and recently joined architectural building “BMW World”. Next to this complex the Olympic village with its sights is spread. This complex is impressive for its originality of architecture and to pass along it indifferently is really impossible. Its emblem is a stylized form of a propeller on

Excursion to the oldest existing brewery in the world in Freising


The ancient and the current Weihenstephan has an interesting and long history. The name itself carries a certain mystery and causes the desire to solve or at least to answer some “Why”. The thing is, Weihenstephan consists of two words that are translated from German – Saint Stefan, that in the name of the brewery sounds not quite clear. Therefore, in order to satisfy Your curiosity, and also to replenish Your inner horizons, go back in the past to the origins of our story.

Excursion to the residence and the Treasury of the Bavarian kings

The era of the monarchy is the majestic and magnificent page in the history and life of each state. The days of kings, Dukes, princes and emperors delight, amaze and fascinate by the abundance of valuable possessions that accompanied their lives: gold, precious stones, metals, rare wood and art masterpieces of the great masters, ranging from architecture to the works of miniatures. Today we have the opportunity to see the Bohemians not only in novels and documentary films, but just to feel the gaze of all this splendor, visiting museums and galleries, keeping the memory of their sovereigns.

VIP transfer from Munich

ВИП Трансфер из Мюнхена

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Transfers from Munich to Europe

Road Alps

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