VIP transfer from Munich

The level and style of life are those things that every person wants to save, no matter in what country and circumstances he lives. Emphasize your status and receive an exclusive service of the best quality in Bavaria Travel Group. Feel the real hospitality and enjoy a comfortable journey with no worries. Reliable, punctual driver, meeting at the ramp or in the VIP hall of the airport, assistance in completion of all routine procedures and more other things.

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What does V. I. P.

VIP Transfer from MUC

The origin of the abbreviation V. I. P. (very important person) can be attributed to the forties of the 20th century, when in the English airline industry this term were assigned to high-ranking statesmen who needed special level of comfort and safety in flight. Later this definition has gone beyond the aviation industry and has been used not only to aircraft passengers, but also to very wealthy customers in other areas. VIP personas dignify successful entrepreneurs, government officials, politicians, people whose work is of special importance for society, movie stars, musicians, etc.)

VIP transfer from Munich airport

When we talk about VIP transfers, the first thing that comes to mind is the luxury car or luxury class with perfectly clean and well-kept cabin, the second is neat, educated and personable driver who knows a lot about the service and communicates with very important persons. Perhaps this is the main thing, but there is also other one. If You are a significant person, You probably have a number of preferences, the so-called little things that make up Your usual Charter life/work and You would not to give up them on the way. Leaving the airport terminal and sittting back into the car, someone wants to enjoy a glass of his favorite juice, someone used to stay connected all the time and needs access to the Internet immediately upon arrival and etc. When You are going to leave and come to the airport, it would be nice if someone helps carry Your luggage from the hotel and submerge it in the trunk of the car, especially if You have a lot of luggage. All this and more, we can arrange for You at the right time in the right place.

VIP service from/to the ramp

If You need an exclusive level of service, we are happy to organise for You fast track security control, help in filling out customs documents and baggage. Munich airport offers its guests first-class service of international level: luxury limousine can be delivered to the aircraft with the security personnel who are in an accelerated mode will conduct routine control procedures and execute the necessary documents right at the exit of the plane. In the VIP lounge of the airport, You will feel comfortable, and polite attendant will help You to overcome the language barrier and order the necessary services. You may also be assisted in the preparation of documents for VAT refund for German buys. Take advantage of exclusive Bavarian service that will not leave You indifferent and perfectly emphasize Your status.

The choice of car for VIP transfers


Mercedes VianoMercedes V-Class

In our fleet there are two main status machines, which serve 80% of all VIP transfers: Mercedes Benz S-Class (W223, sedan, capacity: up to 3 passengers) and Mercedes Benz V 300 (minivan up to 7 passengers).

These cars are prestigious and are designed for comfortable travel.

Chassis S-class works so gently that it seems like the car is floating above the road, and coffee drink even doesn’t shiver in its glass, trim is solid and pleasant to touch, modern insulation will separate You from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and the air purification system will remain fresh in the cabin, even if in front of You there will be the fuming transport. A characteristic feature of the S class cars is advanced security system for passengers, which inspires confidence in the safety of Your life and health in case of external influence from other cars on the road.

As for Viano, or V-class, we can say that this van is almost as good as the sedan in terms of comfort. Excellent internal finish, spaciousness and advanced security system make it ideal for transfers of groups of people up to 7.

Price on VIP transfer service in Munich

The exact price on VIP transfer from / to Munich airport is usually calculated after the Manager will record all the details, Your special wishes and needs. Contact us by phone +49(1766)225-25-26 or fill in the application form at the bottom of the page and we will make You an advantageous offer.

Ordering VIP transfers in Munich

To order VIP transfer from Munich airport or another place in Germany, You need to contact us by any available means:

  • Request a call back
  • Call the number: +49 159 05443785 (available in Viber and WhatsApp).
  • Send a request by e-mail:
  • Fill out an application form for VIP transfer below ↓ ↓ ↓

After completing the application form, our staff will connect with You, clarify all the details, will announce price and details.

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