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Welcome to our garage! It was traditional for us to use German cars Mercedes to provide transport services to our clients, and it’s not just because we live and work in Munich (Germany). These machines are reliable, have a high degree of safety of the driver and passengers, have excellent speed and environmental characteristics, as well as emphasize the status of the person who drives this car very effectively. Further we will introduce you with the most popular models in our fleet. Just by them our professional drivers carry our guests every day.

The Cars Of Business Class

Mercedes E-Klasse
Maximum Bag2
Maximum passengers3

Mercedes E-Class comfort and ease.

The new Mercedes E-Class after restyling combines elegant simplicity, practicality and solid outward. You will appreciate the neat leather trim, climate control, system stability and modern vehicle suspension that provide a smooth and comfortable movement without jerks and motion sickness. Adjustable headrests and tilt angles of the seat will allow you to take a comfortable position and relax after a tiring flight. Roomy trunk with a volume of 540 liters will allow you to put many standard bags and suitcases in it. This elegant German will not also disappoint lovers of speed, power reserve diesel engine will provide moving with the wind where it is, of course, will be permitted. You can be sure of your safety: the machine is equipped with airbags and a driver fatigue in case of long journeys. Our professionals are always well, but the control electronics of the car will not be excessive when it comes to your health and peace of mind. The system monitors the behavior and driving style of the driver and in case of detection of deviations from the norm, takes the special signals, reduces the speed, controls the observance of the lane, takes the vibration on the steering wheel, etc. To improve the visual presentation, please note the interior photos of a little higher. Transfer from the hotel or from the airport of Munich by this car will be comfortable, fast and safe.

Mercedes Viano
Maximum Bag6
Maximum passengers7
Mercedes Viano - Cabin 1Mercedes Viano - Cabin 2Mercedes Viano - Cabin 3Front row seats

Mercedes Viano — Roomy and quick.

We can really talk for hours about the practicality of this van and the various ways of its application, but we will try to list its main advantages briefly. Mercedes-Benz Viano is a very roomy car foremost: its cabin accommodates 6 people and 1 passenger in the front seat beside the driver, moreover location of the seats in the cabin can be changed depending on the situation (meeting option and in-line when all the passengers are looking forward) — this is very useful when people discussing important issues must look into each other’s eyes, or vice versa. Except the passengers Viano can easily accommodates their luggage bags. Despite the capacity, it does not lose in comfort:
chairs really are spacious and comfortable, the salon has climate control, leather trim seats are pleasant to touch, and the wide windows allow to contemplate the nature without voltage during long trips. Speed characteristics of this minivan bring only positive impressions — it is very fast and not harsh at the same time. The car is equipped with a modern security system, which in combination with the professionalism of our drivers provides excellent performance as for level of comfort, confidence and peace of mind of our passengers. During the ski season, Viano is very convenient to use for transportation of ski equipment and luggage. All of our guests who had booked the minibus for transfers to ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland and Italy were very pleased.

Mercedes Sprinter Tourist
Maximum Bag*
Maximum passengers18
Mercedes Sprinter Tourist - Video playerSeats - Mercedes Sprinter 515 TouristAir conditioningSpacious seating position

Mercedes Sprinter 515 Tourist — Roomy traveler.

The roomy and comfortable van, which fully justifies its name “Tourist” is before you . Mostly just by these buses we carry groups up to 19 people on the tour, during which we will introduce you the sights of Munich, Bavaria, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. But not only in the trips, most customers order this car for airport transfers or corporate events. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this German machine has a function of active ventilation of the cabin, which allows to tighten fresh air effectively and remove unpleasant smell from the cabin to the outside. Surely, you were faced with a situation when in the long trip with a large number of passengers, people just much breathe inside the car and have not enough oxygen — in this bus this problem is completely solved: the flow of fresh air is guaranteed. In addition, in the warm months you will enjoy by the powerful air conditioning system, which will protect you from the heat by its soft coolness and in the cold months — warm up with two ovens in the cabin, which work from the heat engine and heater running – when the machine is plugged your feet will not freeze. The seats in this car are made in classical style, equipped with a controller position, and covered with a hypoallergenic material — velour, the distance between the seats – 3-4 inches more than in the normal design, allowing you to have freely position for your legs and not hinder your movements. There is also a small bus fridge for drinks and a sound system for excursions in the cabin. We recommend this vehicle for organizing group tours, business travel and transportation of guests. For the convenience of passengers we have a special luggage trailers that allow not to take a seat in the cabin — this is especially important during the transfers to the ski resorts, where you take a large amount of luggage, including non-standard one. This is the perfect bus for ordering collective transfers or excursions to sights of Bavaria and other treasures of Europe.

Mercedes Tourismo
Maximum Bag49
Maximum passengers49

Mercedes Tourismo — tourist bus.

This cute tourist bus will be useful in case your cohort is very large (up to 49 people). It is designed for long-distance mass travel with maximum level of comfort for passengers. The climate control will allow every tourist to feel comfortable in his place, because of the individual power regulators of the flow of air over the head. The bus is equipped with two TVs that will allow you to distract during the long journey. Large luggage compartment with a volume of almost 10 cubic meters in the lower part of the vehicle allows to put an impressive amount of luggage. By the request of customer it is possible to complete the bus by the coffee machine, fridge, thermos or kettle. It should be noted that this type of transport is used not only for long-distance tours and excursions. Sometimes it happens that the number of people you need to take to a business meeting or to another location for events, is more than can fit into one or more conventional buses — and then it has become a feasible to order the tourist bus. Our staff has some excellent drivers, professionals with extensive experience of driving buses that are licensed to transport passengers in the vehicles of similar class. When they are driving, you are in safety. Do you want to organize an excursion by a big cohort, far out staff or use this bus for public events? — Please!

Cars of VIP Class

Maximum Bag2
Maximum passengers3

Mercedes S-Class — Luxury VIP sedan.

Your attention is Mercedes S-Class, the new body 222. Five meters elegant sedan with independent air suspension and luxurious interior. This is a truly luxurious and almost perfect car. Excellent speed characteristics: for 6.8 seconds to 100 kilometres an hour; a roomy boot capacity of 510 litres; rear luxury seats that will allow you to work efficiently and quickly relax; built-in headrests displays have very impressive size; also you will enjoy by the surround sound, if you want to listen to your favorite music or watch a video. For the most demanding guests we can offer the AMG package with all-wheel drive. A characteristic feature of this car is elongated base and 2 active axis, which makes it even more visually impressive and very passable to difficult sections of the road. We must say about adaptable under the back passenger seats with massage function and heat: in this chair you will not always feel only great support for your spine, but also can improve the well-being and relaxation through pleasant and healing action of massage, and this is very important in the long road or when you were just very tired before that. If it will be need, one push of a button and we can organize a Wi-Fi zone in the car and you will be able to access the Internet from any device. This car is used for VIP Transfers in Munich and can be rented together with a personal driver.

Mercedes V Class
Maximum Bag5
Maximum passengers6
VIP transfer - Mercedes V-ClassVIP Mercedes V-ClassMercedes Benz V-ClassVIP Mercedes Benz V-Class

Mercedes V-Class Comfort and space.

And this is our small but roomy bus Mercedes-Benz V Class, which can accommodates up to six people, ensuring a maximum level of comfort and security. The seats in the cabin can be located in the conference version (opposite each other with the possibility of installing a table in the middle) and one after the other as in a conventional bus, but the majority of our clients prefer meeting option, you will see it in the photo below. By trim level, options and the comfort the V Class is practically not inferior to the sedans: all passengers of the minibus feel themselves nice and free. This is the perfect transportation for small groups of people: it can be used to transport people to business meetings, ski resorts, while VIP transfers and tours with a guide. The seats in the cabin are located very practical: in case you need extra luggage, a few or even all of the seats can be easily removed, and then quickly put in place. Well-implemented system of temperature control of both the front and back seat passengers will always be comfortable. The elegant lines of the body emphasize your status, and stunning expanse inside will make you to feel confident and relaxed throughout the journey. VIP Shuttle service for a small group of people from the hotel or from the airport of Munich by this status car with a professional driver will allow you to experience our genuine hospitality and respect.

Mercedes GL Class
Maximum Bag4
Maximum passengers4-6
Mercedes GL Class - Front SeatsMercedes GL Class - 2Mercedes GL Class - seatsMercedes GL Class - rear seats

Mercedes GL-Class is a Respected and invincible.

You wish to hear the noble and majestic roar of the engine and to feel something more powerful… It features the legendary Mercedes GL-Class, the broad masses consider it to be a vehicle for politicians and high-ranking people. Distinctive look and huge power reserves effectively allocate it in comparison with other machines. This is something special — this car is clearly not for everyone. If you are a lover of the nature, extreme roads and far unpredictable travel this is the best choice for you: there is virtually no obstacles for it. These machines are taken mostly with a professional driver who will make your journey exciting and at the same time safe. This car can safely get to nature, hunting, fishing, the countryside, etc., but nevertheless, nobody forbade to roll this “beast” around the city, especially if it appeals to your lifestyle. Clean, classic lines of the body, aggressive and confident look of the headlights, the distinctive shape of the grille and flawless trim accentuate your level and taste when attending important meetings. Not so long ago, these machines were very familiar in certain circles in Russia, these echoes remained to this day – one thing can be said with confidence: this vehicle clearly indicates who is coming, someone very important and serious. To rent this king of the road together with a personal driver from the cohort Bavaria Travel Group, you will emphasize your status and comfortably get to the desired places in Munich and other European cities.

Ferrari Portofino
Maximum Bag2
Maximum passengers3

Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari 488 Rot
Maximum Bag2
Maximum passengers1

Ferrari 488 Rot

Maximum Bag2
Maximum passengers3

Bentley Speed Cabrio

Maximum Bag2
Maximum passengers3

Rolls Royce Ghost Long

Maximum Bag2
Maximum passengers3

Mercedes Maybach S580

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