VIP transfer from Munich

ВИП Трансфер из Мюнхена

The level and style of life are those things that every person wants to save, no matter in what country and circumstances he lives. Emphasize your status and receive an exclusive service of the best quality in Bavaria Travel Group. Feel the real hospitality and enjoy a comfortable journey with no worries. Reliable, punctual driver, meeting at the ramp or in the VIP hall of the airport, assistance in completion of all routine procedures and more other things.

The transfer from Munich airport in Germany


If You have a desire or need to start Your journey relaxed and comfortable, fast and safe to get from Munich airport to Your destination in Germany You will need likely the Shuttle service.

Transfers to the ski resorts of Europe

Горнолыжные курорты - трансфер

Alpine mountains collect hundreds of thousands tourists every year on its slopes. Do You like to relax in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding or perhaps would like to try? Many tourists really love skiing and go to the Alpine slopes every year to feel the extreme energy of snow. Our friendly team of professionals will arrange for You a comfortable and safe transfer to any ski resort from Munich or other cities of Europe..

Transfers from Munich to Europe

Road Alps

Do You plan a trip to the cities of Europe with departure from Munich? — We will arrange for You a comfortable transfer to every corner of Europe by a quick and safe car. Know what is the best transport service of Bavaria with a professional driver from our team.