A holiday for children – a Trip to Legoland (Bayern)


Childhood is a special time, cheerful, carefree, when every day brings new wonders, discoveries and impressions. Every adult keeps memories about it and remembers the special moments of life with nostalgia. And, of course, when we become parents, we want to give all the best to our beloved children and make their childhood joyful and happy. Time flies quickly, leaving us with only memories. The childhood of our children someday quietly leave somewhere too… But where can we find the tool to return to this Wonderland again? Many adults think seriously about this question and decide to pursue

Excursion to the monastery Andechs and its brewery


The Andechs monastery is a historically famous place in Europe. You have the attitude to the Catholic faith or You are a connoisseur of beer, don’t You? You enjoy history, art, music? Or You are just a fan of adventurous journeys? — This small town of Andechs, which is located in thirty kilometers from the capital of Bavaria, on the Eastern shore of the picturesque lake Ammersee, will interest You exactly.

Tour to the Imperial Nuremberg


Each city has its own history, character and traditions, its memorable places, its purpose. Nuremberg — mysterious, enigmatic, and not like other cities. There is much speculations about the origin of this name, many argue that it comes from the word “rock or stone rock”, because the castle rose on a rocky cliff. It marked the beginning of city life. This statement is prosaic and ordinary, but all genius lies in simplicity. Take a tour in Nuremberg with a professional guide, a narrative of whom will not be bored. You get a lot of interesting emotions and historical

History frozen in centuries – Rothenburg Ob der Tauber


The name of tour describes this ancient city pragmatically exactly, although, of course, sounds a bit dry for so romantic and fabulous place. Moreover the adjective “fabulous” is used here not as a poetic allegory, but as an expression of vivid reality. In our days of super-technology, cities and skyscrapers it’s hard to believe in this, but…

Excursion to the oldest existing brewery in the world in Freising


The ancient and the current Weihenstephan has an interesting and long history. The name itself carries a certain mystery and causes the desire to solve or at least to answer some “Why”. The thing is, Weihenstephan consists of two words that are translated from German – Saint Stefan, that in the name of the brewery sounds not quite clear. Therefore, in order to satisfy Your curiosity, and also to replenish Your inner horizons, go back in the past to the origins of our story.