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In the North of Italy, on the background of snowy Alpine massif, in the beautiful Sunny valley there is blooming province Bolzano, which has a resort town Merano. Due to the mild climate, clean mountain air and thermal springs, the town was known as a health resort in the nineteenth century. And frequent visits of the Austrian Empress made him even more popular and extravagance. Would You like to book a Shuttle from Merano to Munich or other cities of Europe and get to this wonderful resort comfortably? Our team of professionals will be happy to arrange a comfortable and safe journey for You.

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  • Merano
    Merano (Photo: Fiore Silvestro Barbato / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Merano
    Merano (Photo: Gian Luca Ponti / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Merano
    Merano (Photo: Gian Luca Ponti / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Merano
    Merano (Photo: Gian Luca Ponti / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Merano (Photo: Kurverwaltung Meran / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Merano (Photo: Kurverwaltung Meran / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Merano (Photo: Lukas-Laszlo / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Merano (Photo: Wake4jake / Flickr Creative Commons)

All roads lead to Merano

Merano is considered to be balneological and healthy resort. Its thermal baths with healing waters and Hiking trails, that components Tapantsky healthy route, renowned worldwide for its magical properties. Climatic resources of Merano are so rich and diverse that not to use them to the full extent would be extremely not rational. Whichever rest You prefer, intellectual-cognitive, healthy, active, sightseeing contemplative or just relaxing — all roads lead to Merano.

Ski holidays in Merano

Merano 2000 ski resort will give You an unforgettable winter vacation. It is located near the city of Merano. This place is ideal for families and tourists with entry level skiing. Wide and well-trained Sunny slopes at the foot of the mountains, a ski school and attentive professional instructors will give You unique senses, positive emotions and happy moments when reaching growing, personal records again and again. Complex Luckis Kinderland with many play areas, live tracks, ski tracks and facilities located at an altitude of 2000 meters, will give the same vivid impressions to Your favorite children.

Experienced skiers and freeriders will also be able to have a great time there because some of the peaks of mountains surrounding the resort reach the height of 3335 meters, an example would be the town of Sarentino and track Coleite with steep, almost vertical descent.

Enough rolling and visiting all kinds of winter sports and recreational activities offered by this resort, You will find still lots of interesting impressive moments in the heart of Merano. Just get down the mountains and plunge into the beautiful multi-faceted world of this special and unique city.

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