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In the East of Tyrolean land there is an ancient, one of the first in Austria ski resort Kitzbühel. Respectable, prestigious, sophisticated and comfortable rest all year round attracts many tourists. It is one of the favourite places of famous people from different countries. Snow-capped Alpine peaks like a huge guards are located around this small town and carefully protect its colorful ensembles of medieval buildings, picturesque cobbled streets, ancient architecture and local tradition. Kitzbuhel is considered the birthplace of skiing in Austria. Our company is happy to arrange for You a comfortable and safe transfer to the Kitzbühel Alps from Munich or other cities of Europe.

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  • Kitzbuhel
    Kitzbuhel (Photo: MAtt Lewls / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Kitzbuhel
    Kitzbuhel (Photo: Zoe Sunderland / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Kitzbuhel
    Kitzbuhel (Photo: Zoe Sunderland / Flickr Creative Commons)

Ski history of Kitzbühel

In 1926 the first ski school was opened, and in 1931 the first “Hahnenkamm race”were hold. Since that time the race have organised regularly and attract a lot of viewers and an elite audience. The city is really charming and unique. Founded in the early middle ages, in fact it was a small mining village,this town captivates the imagination of its many visitors all over the world for over the last hundred years.

Good-natured mild climate, fantastic mountain world, beautiful nature, luxury hotels and top class restaurants, irresistible variety of fun and inspiring active rest will make Your vacation amazing and unforgettable for the whole family. Wonderful program “Apres-ski” (French variant for “After skiing”), including the game of Curling and Golf, hang-gliding and paragliding, riding arena for dressage, as well as numerous ski schools and modern technology lifts, offers special unique level of service for Youth, families and children. Younger guests above 3 years old will be delighted by children’s ski garden, ski school and a practice lift.

Kitzbühel in winter and summer

Visiting this winter Wonderland that is one of the best resorts of the Alps, don’t forget to look here in summer. The magical world of this Alpine city will not disappoint You in summer months. Surrounded by greenery, it will enjoy You by Golf “In the footsteps of professionals”, tennis matches at the world level, water center Aquarena, archery, special programme for children and adults by the mountain bike and many other attractions and pleasures that will allow You to feel in full harmony, joy and happiness.

Visit Kitzbühel (Austria) and it will remain in Your mind and heart for a long time, echoing memories of experienced positive emotions.

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