A holiday for children – a Trip to Legoland (Bayern)


Childhood is a special time, cheerful, carefree, when every day brings new wonders, discoveries and impressions. Every adult keeps memories about it and remembers the special moments of life with nostalgia. And, of course, when we become parents, we want to give all the best to our beloved children and make their childhood joyful and happy. Time flies quickly, leaving us with only memories. The childhood of our children someday quietly leave somewhere too… But where can we find the tool to return to this Wonderland again? Many adults think seriously about this question and decide to pursue

Excursion to the Bavarian Versailles on the lake Chiemsee

Bavarian Versailles

Bavarian land is rich in beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, great museums, and of course, famous historical celebrities who have made an invaluable contribution to the history of the state development and glorify it forever. If You are romantic and connoisseur, visit the Chiemsee lake – one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria. It looks like sea and has eighty square kilometers. It is often called the Bavarian sea, surrounding charming three Islands: Krautinzel, Herreninsel and Fraueninsel.