Excursion to the Rhine falls and the island of Mainau

Switzerland, the most beautiful rich mountain country, is an ornament and pride of the Western Europe. Watches, cheese, banks, chocolate, ski slopes, steep mountains, lakes, castles and waterfalls made this small country famous all over the world. Have You ever heard of extreme Rhine falls and the beautiful flower garden in the island of Mainau in Switzerland?

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Switzerland is the concentrate of natural attractions

The natural attractions of Switzerland can only be spoken with admiration, it’s just God’s gift to the mankind. Pictures of scenery as in a kaleidoscope capture and captivate the imagination: the lake promenade of Montreux, stretching under the shade of palm trees, views magnificent snow-capped Alps; beautiful mount Pilatus by its steepest railway rises to a height of 2128,5 meters, right up to the clouds; and of course the Rhine falls and the magical and picturesque island of Mainau plunged You into complete delight, bordering on a sense of unreality. Our guides will be glad to show You the most interesting and impressive places of Switzerland and tell interesting details from the history of these places.

Excursion to the Rhine falls

Rhine FallsRhine falls — the largest waterfall in Europe, is formed on the Rhine river and is situated in the possession of the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen, close to the small town of Neuhausen am Rainfall. Its height is 23 meters and a width is 150 meters. Many travelers consider this place very popular. The most spectacular view of this amazing phenomenon opens from the main observation deck, but there are others. Its peculiarity lies in its location. It is in the centre of the waterfall, a small ledge on a cliff requires utmost care and caution, as fencing is not provided. But it is probably one of those factors that, as they say, simply breathtaking. Heart is like jumping out of the chest from the feeling that this avalanche of falling water rush straight at You. In general, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. Although the beginning of the journey is very lyrical and romantic: lovely promenade will meet You by children’s playground and cafe, which local cuisine will delight You with their culinary masterpieces; a small boat, slowly slicing through the smooth surface of the river, gently carries You to the spicy adventures. A sense of the fairy tale reinforces the old castle Laufen, which stores all the mysteries of the waterfall. The castle has its own observation deck, more modest but no less impressive.

The famous waterfall on the river Rhine, SwitzerlandTourists under a waterfall Rhine Falls, observation deck

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Excursion to the island of Mainau

After the tumultuous emotions associated with a waterfall, a magical island of Mainau will seem You a Paradise on the Earth. It is located at the intersection of Swiss, German and Austrian borders. In fact, the island administratively belongs to the town of Constance and is the third largest island in the waters of lake Boden See, which is the part of the southern German Federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

The origin story of the island of Mainau

Mainau, the island of flowers, Switzerland.Mainau, fountainMainau Island, Lake View

The island’s history is rich and interesting, the roots of his existence connect with the ancient times. The first records are associated with the Romans and dates from the first centuries of our era . In the ninth and thirteenth centuries, the island belongs to the monastery of Reichenau. Further more than five hundred years it is the home of the knights of the house of St. Mary of the Teutonic, and since the XIX century it belongs to different members of aristocratic layer. The most influential of them was Duke Frederick I: the island was his summer residence. In fact, the Duke and his gardener Eberling marked the beginning of a huge flower garden.

A great variety of beautiful Mediterranean plants, the arboretum, delightful alleys and fabulous gardens, and over a thousand species of exotic butterflies flying in a glass cage above this sea of flowers, a riot of colours which change according to the seasons. And in the midst of this splendor the lush Palace of the Baroque style (1732) is located, in which “the hostess of Island” – count and countess Bernadette live, belonging to the Swedish Royal family and the owners of the island since 1932. Thanks to them this divine beauty is accessible to everyone wishing to visit the tale, to feel the connection with nature, to experience something beautiful and to believe in a miracle of beauty. Let it free Your heart from the routine faceless bustle and You will know what happiness is.

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