Excursion to the monastery Andechs and its brewery

The Andechs monastery is a historically famous place in Europe. You have the attitude to the Catholic faith or You are a connoisseur of beer, don’t You? You enjoy history, art, music? Or You are just a fan of adventurous journeys? — This small town of Andechs, which is located in thirty kilometers from the capital of Bavaria, on the Eastern shore of the picturesque lake Ammersee, will interest You exactly.

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    Andechs (Photo: Olemania / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Andechs (Photo: David Pursehouse / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Andechs (Photo: Annie and Andrew / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Andechs (Photo: Tambako The Jaguar / Flickr Creative Commons)
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    Andechs (Photo: Heribert Pohl / Flickr Creative Commons)

The history of the monastery Andechs

The sacred mountain, where the Benedictine monastery is located, will become an oasis for a good Catholic in this world full of everyday routine and the idle bustle. Here the relics brought from Palestine by participants of the Crusades, are kept. Thousands of believers make pilgrim trips to the ancient monastery every year.

Historians will plunge here in the harsh mysterious world of the middle ages, because the monastery leads the origins of its existence from 1080, just these numbers are first mentioned in the annals of the Church of St. Nikolaus, which was built on mount by count Rasso. He brought relics in Andechs at the beginning of the tenth century. Gradually the land around the mountains is inhabited by the pilgrims, courageously preserving relics, surviving in the persecution and destruction of their monastery by centuries, building and reconstructing it again and again. In 1423 a temple Hallen Kirchen was built on the mountain by Duke Ernst in late-Gothic style, which in 1609 was rebuilt in late Renaissance style.

Monastic brewery

In 1455 the life of a Benedictine monastery and his glorified for centuries, the famous Andechs beer began. The monks improve this beer as to the ancient recipes just for several centuries. In the mid-nineteenth century, they constructed the first building in Germany for his brewery out of concrete and began to use steam brewing machines.

This part of the story will allow beer lovers to know not only entertaining theory of the production of this wonderful drink, but enough to taste all seven varieties: six grades of light and one sort of dark beer “Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel” — You will not try it anywhere else. Beer lovers will certainly appreciate an excursion to the monastery brewery.

Medieval architecture in a picturesque setting

Artists and art historians will enjoy the beautiful scenic countryside and historic buildings. The interior of the temple will also amaze, because usual notion of “monastery”, “the temple” in our subconscious cause some other associations. The monastery itself is more reminiscent of a feudal castle, in fact it is. It was the residence of the counts of Andechs in the IX century. The ruins of the fortifications of Andechs are now the archaeological Museum of the early middle ages. The Cathedral’s exterior has retained strict Gothic style. In the beginning of XVIII century the famous architect of that time Zimmerman begins to rebuild the temple in the style of Rocco and Baroque. Interior fascinates by grandeur and pomp, confirming its lush style by every detail.

Carl Orff

In the chapel, also redone by Zimmerman, rests the well-known musician of Bavaria, Carl Orff. Musicians can experience here in their world “concat” and “trilogy”, dedicated to Orfom of medieval German poetry. In honor of the musician the commemorative concerts are held in Andechs every year.

Travel lovers will get full satisfaction, enriching all the five senses of perception, drinking this gorgeous cocktail time.

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