Excursion to Salzburg – city of Mozart

Beautiful, rich, mountainous country – Austria. Tourists all year round travel through its independent space, without lessening its special uniqueness and provinciality of these great places. And Salzburg, the capital of Austria (the city of Mozart) You like especially and will remember for a long time.

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  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Enjosmith / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Austria - View from the Risstalalm in Austria to the west. In the foreground creek riss.
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Heribert Pohl / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Памятник Моцарту в Зальцбурге, Людвиг фон Шванталер
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Сha Gia Jose / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Mozart / Моцарт (Photo: Susanna Gappmayer / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: André Zehetbauer / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Florian Prischl / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Hjjanisch / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Hjjanisch / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: InSapphoWeTrust / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Nagesh Kamath / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Salzburg / Зальцбург
    Зальцбург / Salzburg (Photo: Pedro Paulo Boaventura / Flickr Creative Commons)

A little information about Austria

The Austrian Federal Republic, its full official name, is the jewel of Central Europe: climatic and ski recreation areas, lakes surrounded by natural forests, magnificent architecture of cities, a Tyrolean slopes with picturesque villages, mysterious medieval castles and many other fascinating places, like a siren, attract us to look into their exciting world. Our transport company will arrange tours to the sights of Austria with the best professional guides and the transfer from Munich and backward. It is possible to order both private and large group trips by comfortable cars and buses. Try it — it’ll be great!

Salzburg (Salt Castle)

The capital of Federal land, Salzburg (Salt Castle) is situated in the Western part of Austria. Four thousand years ago the ancient Celts discovered the deposits of salt here and the city gained its beauty and grandeur, the Church, fountains, parks, squares and castles of this wonderful place in the heart of Europe owe their origin to the salt trade.

The city of Salzburg is located in the Alps, and the Salzach river separates it into two parts. On its left bank there is a complex of the Episcopal residence, consisting of many squares and medieval lanes, galleries and museums, gorgeous architecture of Baroque style, picturesque bridge Startsbruck and vaulted passageways of the town hall, built in the XV century, dominated by the symbol of Salzburg – the Hohensalzburg fortress, located on the mount of Festungsberg.

Thanks to our wonderful guides and professional drivers, You will be able to see and feel all the beauty and charm of Salzburg in full. Moreover You will not even feel tired, because You will be promptly delivered from one interesting place to another, without having to lose enthusiasm for the road: our guides are experienced and know how to make the most exciting and fastest route. The distance from Munich to Salzburg is about 145 km, approximately one and a half hours, but it will seem invisible in the comfortable and fast car.

Excursion to Salzburg — city of Mozart

Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria, the city of classical music. It is also called the house of Mozart, and indeed, almost every corner speaks to the fact that the great son of the musical art was born and lived here. The city keeps the memory of the beloved composer: the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sounds like the music in the names of streets, buildings, candies and other sweets, liqueurs and even the airport is named after him. In the nineteenth century sculptor Ludwig von Schwanthaler created a bronze statue of Mozart, which was opened in 1842 in the presence of his sons on Mozartplatz. Several times a day the bells of the Archbishop’s residence carry enchanting tunes of the famous composer to the square.

By the footsteps of the great composer

The guests of the city who consider themselves more close to the life and works of Mozart will be able to travel back to the era of the composer, literally touching his childhood and adolescence, due to exposure in the house №9 on the Getreidegasse, which is the hallmark of the city. Here on the 27th of January, 1756, the most famous child of Salzburg was born, and the house has preserved its look from the 16th century.

The second Museum dedicated to the life of Mozart, is located on Makartplatz. From 1711 it includes a large hall, where the evenings of dance were hold, only miraculously it was not touched by the war with the Americans; everything else, including the apartment of Mozart, was destroyed and later meticulously recreated.

Here You can also buy souvenirs that will satisfy any lover of handmade. The Getreidegasse, which in essence is a narrow lane, where everyone tries to step on Your foot, is full of different shops and boutiques, retained advertising signs of the medieval craftsmen.

Salzburg is called the city of Mozart not only because it keeps the pages of the past, but continues to live music by their composer. Every year there are festivals, concerts and even Mozart week, which traditionally gathers the best performers in Europe.

Excursion to Salzburg — this is an excursion for the soul.

Music is the harmonious essence of life. Visiting this city, You will fill Your inner world by music, which will continue to inspire You with a feeling of happiness.

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