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Zermatt is famous not only in Switzerland but throughout Europe as one of the prestigious, expensive and popular ski resorts. All year-round Swiss village welcomes a large number of the guests. The mountain Peak of the Matterhorn, which attracts and fascinates with its snowy beauty is the attraction and pride of the resort. If You travel with Your own ski gear and want to get to the promised place of rest comfortably, we recommend You to use the services of our company and to order the transfer to Zermatt from Munich or other cities of Europe. Transfer to ski resort with Bavaria Travel Group is easy and pleasant.

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  • Zermatt
    Zermatt (Photo: Philip Larson / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Zermatt
    Zermatt (Photo: Philip Larson / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Zermatt
    Zermatt (Photo: Amanda Er / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Zermatt
    Zermatt (Photo: Kosala Bandara / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Zermatt
    Zermatt (Photo: Kosala Bandara / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Zermatt
    Zermatt (Photo: Patrick Nouhailler / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Zermatt
    Zermatt (Photo: Patrick Nouhailler / Flickr Creative Commons)

Hospitable Zermatt invites skiers of all levels to its ski slopes

The upper reaches of the Visp valley in the Canton of Valais in the southern part of the Swiss Alps are attracted by the spectacular scenery. Steep slopes with beautiful untouched snow tout many skiers and climbers. The area Thrifty , the most difficult area for skiing, chosen by professionals, gives You the opportunity to get a matchless delight on black tracks. Long manicured red trails of Gornergrat are ideal for lovers of skiing of intermediate level. In Zermatt there are trails for every skier from easy (blue) to black (super complicated).

Staying in Zermatt

Here everything exudes luxury and comfort. Crystal-clear mountain air, unapproachable beauty of the mountains, forests of coniferous trees, carriages pulled by horses, environmentally safe electric cars — all this creates relaxing and welcoming atmosphere and captivates with its fabulousness. Chic restaurants and bars, swimming pools, discos, spas, shops will satisfy by their quality and diversity even the most demanding customers. Lovers of romance will enjoy by mountain restaurants and huts, unusual, delicious food. To diversify Your vacation besides skiing, You can practice mountaineering, an airplane and deltaplane flights and, of course, sledding.

For couples with children in Zermatt there is a ski school with experienced instructors and kindergartens, providing services of nannies for babies above 3 months. We can conclude that You can safely go to this resort with Young children: it will be someone to entertain them at a time when You will have active rest or just to sleep after a very active pastime.

Environmentally safe Zermatt

You should pay Your attention to the fact that a feature of this ski resort is the tradition of careful attitude to nature and clean air: local residents move on foot, at least by electric cars. To enter the village by the car with an internal combustion engine is not possible. The best way to reach Zermatt is a mountain train or car, which gets You to a nearby Täsch (5 km), the hotel You will live in.

Climbing in Zermatt

The Peak of the Matterhorn has stunning famous photogenic view, in the background of it You can see a bunch of avid photographers and tour groups. A large number of mountaineers try to climb this peak since the 19th century, and some of them have really done it. For climbers – lovers there will be easier peaks in the vicinity of Zermatt and this fact will definitely give a special colour to Your rest.

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We will arrange for You / Your group comfortable and safe journey to any ski resort in Switzerland, Austria or Italy. Experienced drivers and reliable car will be waiting for You at the right time in the appointed place, in an airport, hotel or any other private address. In order to find out the cost and book a Shuttle to Zermatt from Munich or other cities of Europe You need to fill out the application form at the bottom of the page or to contact us by phone +49(1766)225-25-26, which is available for free communication and correspondence in Viber and WhatsApp.

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