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While in anticipation of acquaintance with someone or something that definitely appeals to our taste, opinions, moral qualities, we seem to be filled with an unknown force, ready to overcome any obstacles that get in the way. Familiarity with St. Moritz is a fascinating journey to the city of dreams, called top of the world. The unique combination of Sunny days and sparkling snowy peaks, a mild-humid climate and dry pure mountain air as heady SIP of champagne delights and fills with warmth, joy and an overwhelming desire to dive fully into this alluring carefree world of delightful sensations and incredibly exciting entertainment. If You want to get to this ski resort comfortably, book Your transfer to St Moritz from Munich or other cities of Europe in Bavaria Travel Group and get a transport service with luxury class.

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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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  • St. Moritz
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St. Moritz is the place for the elite

God’s gift to mankind – to use and to implement the obtained talent. Mother nature has generously endowed the Swiss Engadine valley by the richest resources required for a quality and comfortable staying. And we must pay tribute to the residents of these most beautiful places in Switzerland and even in the world who transformed the city into a legendary Olympus, favorite place of elected and famous. It sounds loud and ambitious, but the facts speak for themselves. Magnificent five star hotels, apartments and cottages, chic restaurants, SPA and Wellness centre with thermal waters, fashionable high-end shops and boutiques,exotic spectacular entertainment, are preferred by ladies of high society.

Since 1864, St. Moritz became known and popular as a ski resort of the highest class. Five majestic mountains, which unites fourteen villages in the valley and have over 35 miles of a variety of ski slopes are a major and integral part of a busy active winter rest. Each camper from beginners to professional will find the desired track, while children and guests find special ski schools, where professional instructors will help the dream become true.

In addition to classic winter rest St. Moritz offers exotic entertainment, not only bright spectacular secular parties, but also cultural events, received the status of competitions, tournaments and Championships of international level. Every day in St. Moritz ski joring competition takes place -it is skiing behind a horse, tournaments playing Polo on the frozen lake, a championship Golf, also on the ice.

Considering all the above said St. Moritz is the true Paradise planet, eagerly awaiting just for You, Your children and Your loved ones.

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Feel the high quality of service and real Bavarian hospitality, ordering the transfer to St. Moritz from Munich or other cities of Europe. At the right time in the right place You would be expected by a professional driver with a reliable and comfortable car. He will help You stow Your Luggage, ski equipment and will take to the promised place of rest. To book a transfer You need to fill out the application form below or contact us by phone +49(1766)225-25-26, which is available for free communication apps Viber and WhatsApp.

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