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At the beginning of the last century on the border of Vorarlberg and Tyrol, in the valley of the river Rosanna now known worldwide exclusive mountain resort of St. Anton appeared. His virgin slopes, bypassing the existing trails are the most challenging and at the same time the best slopes in Austria. Our team of professionals will arrange for You the best transfer service to Sankt Anton from Munich or other cities of Europe.

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  • St Anton Am Arlberg
    (Photo: Colin Capelle / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • St Anton Am Arlberg
    (Photo: Christian Heindel / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • St Anton Am Arlberg
    (Photo: Colin Capelle / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • St Anton Am Arlberg
    (Photo: Colin Capelle / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • St Anton Am Arlberg
    (Photo: Colin Capelle / Flickr Creative Commons)

St. Anton is one of the best ski resorts in the world

The once quiet mountain village, serving for many years only as a transit point for the few brave souls willing to cross virgin Alps, has turned into one of the most expensive, prestigious, popular and high-quality resorts in the world. No doubt this great transformation happened thanks to the exceptional climate and stunning natural beauty of St. Anton, because it is the snowiest ski resort in the Eastern Alps, famous for its impeccable slopes and the richness of their traditions. Since the opening of the famous Arlberg tunnel in St. Anton popularity Austrian ski sports in general began to gain.

Active holidays in St. Anton

St. Anton, in fact, is a long series of hotels, shops, restaurants, discos, bars and nightclubs that line the highway from the village of Landeck to the Arlberg pass, surrounded by the endless chain of mountains from all sides. The authenticity of the Valluga mountain, the top of which reaches 2011 meters above sea level, the slopes Albansko ridge, numerous lifts and gondolas, a stunning luxury hotel “Arlbergospess”, a snow Park with rails and jumps — all of this attracts celebrities, ski elite, experienced and brave adventurers, skiers, snowboarders, foodies and fans of noisy fun night life by fantastic irresistible force.

Adrenaline for professionals and shows for beginners

Receive the greatest shot of adrenaline and charge it all day during Your staying in this stunning location. The simple splendor of St. Anton and its ample opportunities for skiing can be assessed only by courageous professional athletes and aces of this risky sport. Newcomers and fans of skiing can enjoy this fantastic and breathtaking spectacle, rooting for their favorite ski virtuoso. Here You can also have fun at the film festival held annually. Ski movie is dedicated to the cycle of films about the holiday in the mountains, which is held in St. Anton since in 1931 the cult film “White madness” (Der Weisse Rausch) was taken here.

Transfer order in St. Anton (Austria)

If You want to get the Alpine ski resort with the comfort, we are happy to organise for You quick and comfortable transfer from Munich or other cities of Europe. Your Luggage and gear fit easily in our roomy vehicle or in the Luggage racks trailer if You plan to go by big cohort. Our driver will meet You at Munich airport or another address at the appointed time, will help stow bags and deliver to the right destination.

To order a comfortable and safe Shuttle service to the ski resort St. Anton You can apply the application form which is located at the bottom of this text. Also in Viber and WhatsApp contact phone +49(1766)225-25-26 is available.

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