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Each story has its beginning. And people that are part of this story or its observers often think of those exciting moments with nostalgia by asking each other meaningful questions “Do You remember?…” The famous Italian ski resort which will be discussed has the charming romantic name, which corresponds to its owner completely. If You need comfortable transfer to Madonna di Campiglio from Munich or other cities of Europe You can contact us and get the transport service of high quality that suits Your situation and lifestyle.

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  • Madonna di Campiglio
    (Photo: Caccamo / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Madonna di Campiglio
    (Photo: Caccamo / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Madonna di Campiglio
    (Photo: Coppa-delle-Dolomiti / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Madonna di Campiglio
    (Photo: Coppa-delle-Dolomiti / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Madonna di Campiglio
    (Photo: ItallaABC / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Madonna di Campiglio
    (Photo: ItallaABC / Flickr Creative Commons)

From the history of Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio has its origins in the lovely and historic little village Campillo, which is situated in the beautiful and picturesque valley of the Val Rendena, in the middle of the wilderness protection zone of the Adamello Brenta. Here the Imperial couple Franz Joseph and Princess Sisi, admiring this fabulous place of beauty, erected a respectable hotel in 1889. It became the first building of the Habsburg residence. At the same period, thanks to the divine beauty of unique landscapes of brilliant snow-covered slopes, emerald meadows and majestic spruce forests, the city got its new name and an ambiguous title of trendy fashionable resort, and also found a delightful commemorative tradition. Every year, Madonna di Campiglio, with all its inhabitants migrated in the nineteenth century, in order to have fun at pompous grandiose festival, the Habsburg carnival. The city is filled by horse-drawn carriages, beautiful ladies – maids of honor, merrie-hussars, art exhibitions and antique cars, restoring pageantry and tradition of the Imperial court.

Ski holidays in Madonna di Campiglio

Currently, we caught sight of nice, modern, comfortable mountain resort in Italy. Trendy hotels, chic restaurants, comfortable ski trails, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls make this city a favorite destination of the rich Young Italians and aristocratic fashionable society of the world.

In terms of skiing Madonna di Campiglio is worldwide famous for the variety of groomed snow trails, well planned with comfortable lifts and a friendly cohesive team of experienced mentors. This charming resort offers more than 150 ski slopes to its numerous guests, considering the possibility and ability to stay on skis of each vacationer. Although, of course, most prepared and comfortable runs are for beginners, for which a variety of ski holidays are opened. For snowboarders – riding on the arcuate design of the Halfpipe, for lovers of ski running — flat skiing, and Heli Ski-lifting to the mountain top by helicopter and independent rapid descent. For extreme guests there are trails with steep climbs and exciting turns. Young skiers and kids can be attracted by ski schools for children and kindergartens with a fascinating programme of learning and entertainment.

Other attractions in Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio is a secular versatile resort, which is ideal not only for skiers and lovers of snowy landscapes, but also for those who prefer the social life and night parties. A rich selection of restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, nightlife, shops with a large range of quality products, and all sorts of spectacular entertainment, including annual meetings with celebrities Formula 1. They hold their extreme racing karts right on the rink, which naturally also involves meeting with a large number of journalists, reporters and fan club.
Enjoy life with Madonna di Campiglio and share with others Your unforgettable experience.

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