Excursion to the residence and the Treasury of the Bavarian kings

The era of the monarchy is the majestic and magnificent page in the history and life of each state. The days of kings, Dukes, princes and emperors delight, amaze and fascinate by the abundance of valuable possessions that accompanied their lives: gold, precious stones, metals, rare wood and art masterpieces of the great masters, ranging from architecture to the works of miniatures. Today we have the opportunity to see the Bohemians not only in novels and documentary films, but just to feel the gaze of all this splendor, visiting museums and galleries, keeping the memory of their sovereigns.

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  • Treasury of the Bavarian kings
    (Photo: Carlo Piana / Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Treasury of the Bavarian kings
    (Photo: Heribert Pohl / Flickr Creative Commons)

The residence and the Treasury of the Bavarian kings

The residence and the Treasury of the Bavarian kings is not the story of one century. For seven centuries the dynasty of Wittelsbach ruled Bavaria and left a rich legacy, which constitutes a universal heritage of art of the past, which previously could be found only in the Church books.
The residence is a complex of palaces, situated around 10 yards. Every ruler has amended the construction of his house, so we caught sight of a structure embodying several artistic movements of art from the Renaissance to classicism. Three main complexes formed the basis: the festive hall, the Royal chambers and the old residence. 130 halls of the Museum thoroughly will keep Your attention and leave You with the spectacular impression for a long time.
1385 begins the story of the residence of the Bavarian rulers. The gothic castle Noiveste became the first building in the architectural ensemble of the future luxury residences. Memories about it have been preserved in the remains of the basement and foundation walls of the store yard. Albrecht V transformated it to the residence: there was a festive hall and the Antiquarium, which became the first Museum in the North of the Alps in 1871. Maximilian I and his followers continued the work of their ancestor for several centuries. And in 1825-1848, the construction has reached the pinnacle of perfection. It was the reign of Ludwig I, who brought to life the brilliant ideas of his court architect Leo von Klenze. During the excursion to the residence and the Treasury of the Bavarian kings You will be able to see and photograph the stunning architectural structures of the time.

Excursion to the residence and the Treasury of the Bavarian kings

Since 1920 the residence is considered to be Museum and the public. This is magnificent living and working place for governors, the artwork of the best artists and craftsmen of that time. All this became available to human eyes. We can also admiringly talk about jewels of the Bavarian crown: beautiful words excites the mind, drawing amazing pictures in our subconscious, but nothing can compare with a personal perception. Our guides will reveal to You the mysterious veil to the wonderful niche of history, filled with travels and adventures. Excursion to the residence and the Treasury of the Bavarian kings will give You many beautiful moments and fill stunning unforgettable feelings.

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