Excursion to the Bavarian Versailles on the lake Chiemsee

Bavarian land is rich in beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, great museums, and of course, famous historical celebrities who have made an invaluable contribution to the history of the state development and glorify it forever. If You are romantic and connoisseur, visit the Chiemsee lake – one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria. It looks like sea and has eighty square kilometers. It is often called the Bavarian sea, surrounding charming three Islands: Krautinzel, Herreninsel and Fraueninsel.  

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Bavarian Versailles of Ludwig II

On the largest island of Herreninsel there is the Bavarian Versailles with its gardens. There is no monotony of everyday life and everyday hustle and bustle, but there is warmth, tranquility, serenity and grandeur. This is one of the latest creations of Ludwig the Second, a big dreamer and visionary. Impressed with his visit to Paris, Ludwig II wanted to leave a memory about his idol Louis XIV and Versailles in reality. So the fairy tale became true. On may 21, 1878, the Foundation of the Palace and the breakdown of Grand Park were laid. The full version of the French Versailles with some amendments and wishes of Ludwig the Second together with the architect Georg Dolmen was planned and built in the Rococo style. Three years later the king was proud of the facade of the Palace, like the facade of Versailles. The inner part of the Palace surpassed the original and struck by the sophistication and luxury rooms. In one of them bronze equestrian figure of the monarch Louis XIV shone, and own office of “Fairytale king” was decorated with a large portrait of the beloved idol. Everything here breathes era of the history of those times, which leaves an unforgettable mark in the soul.

Another island, less pompous and majestic also draws by its silent mysterious femininity. It is the island of Fraueninsel, which means women’s island. Here is a convent, the entrance to which is closed to outsiders, but to admire the beautiful scenery is not prohibited. The third island is uninhabited.

Journey through the historic “fabulous” places is unforgettable, and the soul will keep the memory about the Bavarian king -dreamer Ludwig II.

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